Five Potential September Callups for the Royals

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The Kansas City Royals could find themselves in an unfamiliar place this September – playing games that matter. While last season featured the Royals making a spirited run to get on the periphery of the chase for the Wild Card, their late season run just occurred too late in the year.

This year, however, is a different story for the Royals. Once again, the Royals have gone on that second half surge, surpassing the Detroit Tigers to take over the American League Central. Now, with the playoffs appearing to be a true possibility, the Royals will have a different mindset going into September. Instead of evaluating players strictly for the future, they may look at bringing up players that could help them extend their lead.

There are certainly going to be reinforcements on the way in terms of players being activated from the disabled list. Eric Hosmer and Scott Downs are likely to be healthy once September rolls around, allowing the Royals to bolster their lineup and their bullpen. Yet, there are also players currently in the minor leagues, some of who may not even be on the Royals 40 man roster presently, that could help the Royals end the 29 year postseason drought.

So, what players could potentially help the Royals in that quest this September? There are several that could, if given the opportunity, make an impact upon the Royals playoff chances. While there may be others that are not covered in this article, here are the five players, in no particular order, most likely to make an impact in Kansas City this September.