Dayton Moore is on a Hot Streak


If you have ever gambled at a casino, you know the type. The person playing blackjack who, no matter what they do, seems to win virtually every hand despite all logic. Stay on a 13? Dealer busts. Hit on a 19? Draws a two. For that one night, somehow, they just cannot lose.

You could forgive Dayton Moore if he is feeling like that aforementioned gambler at this point. Over the past two seasons, seemingly every move he has made has worked. He traded Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi for James Shields and Wade Davis, giving the Royals the ace they needed and a true weapon in the eight inning. Jason Vargas has come in and replicated the production from Ervin Santana. Omar Infante has solidified the black hole known as second base. Even Nori Aoki is starting too look like the player that Moore thought he had traded for.

Even Moore’s pickups during the season have had their moments. Raul Ibanez was brought in for veteran leadership on June 30th, and the Royals have gone 25-16 since. Ibanez even won a game himself for the Royals, as his solo home run was the difference in the Royals 1-0 victory over the Oakland A’s on August 1st. Scott Downs had performed relatively well in his twelve games before going on the disabled list, posting a 3.48 ERA and a 1.065 WHiP.

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Despite the consternation with Dayton Moore sitting out the trade deadline while the Detroit Tigers traded for David Price, even that move seems to have worked out. Detroit has gone into a free fall, as the Royals have surged past to take the lead in the American league Central. The trade for Josh Willingham seems to have solidified the Royals lineup while Eric Hosmer is on the disabled list. Right now, Dayton Moore has the Midas touch.

The job of a general manager is generally thankless. It is a position that sets itself up for a lot of second guessing, even when the season is going well. While we have done our fair share of second guessing Moore here, we also give credit where it is due. And right now, Dayton Moore deserves credit for making the right moves at the right times, even if they may not be the popular decisions at the time.

Dayton Moore is on a roll right now with the moves he has made. Hopefully, this can keep going.