Jumping on the Royals Bandwagon


On Monday, with a victory over the Oakland A’s, the Kansas City Royals found themselves back in first place. The mighty Detroit Tigers, they of the last three Cy Young award winners and such stars as Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander, had fallen behind a nondescript collection of nobodies. While Alex Gordon, James Shields, Greg Holland and Salvador Perez have all been former All-Stars, no one on the Royals approaches the same stratosphere of superstardom as the top players on the Tigers.

Perhaps that is why, despite hovering around the periphery of the playoffs, that the Royals have been largely ignored by the national media, and such outlets as the so-called World Wide Leader. Yet now, even though the Royals are not the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees, and do not employ LeBron James or Johnny Manziel, ESPN is forced to give the first place Royals their due.

Over the past few days, they have written about those things that us Royals fans already know. That Alex Gordon has the best arm in the outfield, a howitzer of remarkable strength and accuracy that makes even thinking about taking an extra base a dangerous proposition for the opposition. That Greg Holland and Wade Davis are the best 1-2 punch in the bullpen, flamethrowers whose appearance almost guarantees a victory for the Royals. That the Royals starting rotation, despite not having nearly the star power of the Tigers, is the best in the Central. That the Royals are an elite defensive team, whose defense and pitching give them a chance to win on almost any given night.

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The Four Letter Network has even given the Royals air time during their highlight shows. No longer are they getting the obligatory fifteen seconds where a single play and the score of the game are shown. Now, the Royals are getting their own segments and true airtime. The Royals, at least for now, have become the latest media darlings.

So, welcome aboard the Royals bandwagon! There is plenty of room still. Take a seat, and get to know the players. Meet Korean superfan SungWoo Lee, who just finished his ten day trip to America, getting to see the team he has rooted for over the past twenty years in person for the first time. Check out the beauty of Kauffman Stadium and take a seat near the fountains or the waterfalls. Reacclimate yourself with the Royals history, and how they were one of the preeminent franchises during the mid 1970’s through the mid 1980’s.

Yes, welcome aboard! And when the Royals make the playoffs, we may be able to find out what LeBron thinks of playoff baseball in Kansas City.