It is Time for Ned Yost to Go


Ned Yost does not exactly inspire a lot of confidence amongst the Royals fanbase. With his snarky comments during press conferences, seemingly clueless demeanor during games and questionable tactics, Yost is someone that makes himself difficult to defend. Yet, should the Royals win and show signs of improvement, then everything would be copacetic.

Likewise, the relaxed atmosphere and lack of accountability that Yost has fostered would be perfectly acceptable if the Royals were performing to expectations. Yet, that has not been the case. The Royals have underperformed virtually all season on offense, leading to a disappointing performance in the standings.

Now, even the respect that Ned Yost had seemingly fostered in the Royals clubhouse may be gone. When asked about the Royals offense, and their lack of patience, Yost has claimed that the coaching staff is preaching patience to the Royals players, but that the players just are not listening.

Without saying so outright, it appears as though Yost is admitting that he has lost the team. His desire to be a father figure and ‘Aw, shucks’ persona just are not working any longer with the players. Then again, with the relaxed atmosphere and the lack of accountability, it was inevitable that the inmates would begin to run the asylum.

At this point, if the team is tuning out Ned Yost, then one has to wonder why he is here. If he feels that he is “basically a fan” and unable to affect the outcome, then he is serving absolutely no purpose in the dugout. Even though he may be managing for his job over the next two months, if he feels so helpless, then a change needs to be made sooner rather than later. Quite simply, Yost needs to go.

Yost is not considered to be a strong manager when it comes to bullpen management or in-game strategizing. His best asset as a manager is thought to be in how he handles a clubhouse. But that has seemingly gone away at this point in time. Now, the only purpose Yost may serve with the Royals is that of a scapegoat should the team not make the postseason.

The Royals manager feels as though he does not make a difference. Unfortunately for Ned Yost, we know otherwise.