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The trade deadline is today, so of course we had lots to talk about on this week’s episode of the Triple Play Podcast. Reese, Matt, and I start things off with discussion of the Giants’ acquisition of Jake Peavy. Peavy is having a rough year, but a move to the NL, coupled with a better home ballpark could pay dividends for the Giants. We then talk about A.J. Pierzynski signing with the Cardinals, which is basically the most perfect match I could ever come up with. George Kottaras was designated for assignment yet again.

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The Tigers brought our old friend Joakim Soria back to the AL Central, but they seem content to limit him to the 7th inning, which seems like an odd decision, considering Joe Nathan has been a bit of a disaster this season. Another team the Royals are chasing, the Yankees, added Chase Headley, which merited a little discussion. Then we talked about Kendrys Morales being traded to the Mariners, a team he didn’t want to play for, even for $30 million. It was a fun move to dissect. And laugh about.

In Royals news, we discussed Billy Butler‘s big home runs over the weekend, and Nori Aoki‘s improved production in the last couple of months. Despite that improvement, the team has been linked to a few different right fielders in trade rumors, so of course we had to talk about them, even though that interest appears to have dissipated in the last day or two.

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