Light-Hitting Royals Lose Second Straight to Red Sox


Danny Duffy

Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In the cradle of American liberty (sorry, Trenton), where Paul Revere once took a midinght ride, there was a contest of baseball skill between the KC Royals and the Boston Red Sox on Saturday night. And just like the royals Mr. Revere’s crew would battle in the name of freedom and liberty the next ten years, our baseball Royals lost too.

Danny Duffy started for KC and was his usual excellent self. To witness how far he’s come in the past few months is a beautiful thing. His stat line from the game: 6 & 2/3rd innings, 97 pitches, six hits, two runs (one unearned on a tough error for SS Alcides Escobar), three walks. He’s having a superb season.

The Royals offense was handed multiple gifts by Red Sox errors and mistakes, but couldn’t capitalize. They were 0-6 with runners in scoring position Sound familiar?

KC eked out five hits and four walks off Red Sox SP Rubby De La Rosa, Unfortunately, that one run (which is the maximum amount of run support allocated for Duffy) didn’t quite hold up for the win.

There were several comical plays during the game. Red Sox SS Brock Holt and LF Jonny Gomes victimized each other twice on routine pop flys — hilarious — and Jarrod Dyson made a ridiculously embarassing base-running gaffe even worse with a brutal belly-flop as he tried (and failed) desperately to keep from being doubled off first base. Dyson managed to laugh at himself; a good thing. But the Bostonians would be the only ones laughing when the game was over.

The Royals need more offense to compete for the post-season. We’re almost a hundred games in, and it’s painfully obvious to even the most casual observer. If there’s no decent deal to be had for a significant upgrade, best start looking at what kind of return can be realized for Shields, Butler, and the like. These guys just can’t generate enough runs to win consistently.