David Glass is Demanding that the Royals Win


For years; well, pretty much the entirety of his ownership of the Royals, fans have thought that David Glass does not care about the team. That the product on the field did not matter, so long as he made a profit and was able to continue padding his personal bottom line. That Glass would rather jump into an active volcano instead of spend money on the team. That the Royals were nothing more than another profit machine in his investment portfolio. That winning was irrelevant.

While some of those thoughts may have had merit at one point in time, that may not be the case any more. In an interview with the Kansas City Star, Glass expounded upon a number of topics involving the team, including his expectations. Glass stated that winning does, in fact, matter to him. A lot. He also stated that he feels that the Royals should be a playoff team this year, and will be even better next year.

"“I’m not so much interested in what the perception is about me. And anyone who knows me knows that I’m not just committed to winning. I’m obsessed with winning. There are times I’m sure when Dan and Dayton and Ned would just as soon I’d go find something else to do,” Glass said."

Interesting. David Glass also mentioned that the inconsistency of the Royals this year was frustrating, but that he had faith in both Dayton Moore and Ned Yost. However, that faith is seemingly predicated upon his expectations that the Royals win. Glass expects the Royals to win now, and going forward. Being close does not seem to be good enough.

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What do these expectations mean for Moore and Yost? While Glass gave both the dreaded vote of confidence, it is clear that he expects far more than for the Royals to hover around .500. Glass wants that playoff berth. He wants October baseball, and for the Royals to return to their place amongst the royalty of baseball. It seems that Glass is tired of waiting.

With that being the case, the pressure may be squarely upon Dayton Moore and Ned Yost to deliver a winner. David Glass indicated that he is willing to increase payroll to bring in key pieces to improve those playoff odds. There should no longer be any excuses. Now, it is time to find out if Moore and Yost can deliver on that promise.

David Glass is demanding that the Royals make the playoffs. If that does not happen, he may make wholesale changes. The pressure is now on the front office and the coaching staff.

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