Christian Colon is Getting his Chance with the Royals


For a time during the offseason, it seemed as though Christian Colon could get a chance to be the Royals starting second baseman come Opening Day. At the time, Colon’s biggest competition would have been Emilio Bonifacio, who has typically been better suited as a super utility player. Then the Royals signed Omar Infante, and it became a matter of whether or not Colon would start the season as the Royals utility infielder. That decision was made when the Royals decided not to keep a backup middle infielder, and Colon started the year in Omaha.

Now, after approximately a season and a half at the AAA level, Colon is getting his chance. As Pedro Ciriaco did almost nothing for the Royals except for run quickly, Colon will be getting the opportunity to be the Royals utility infielder. Capable of playing second, short and third, Colon will likely make a couple of appearances a week, giving Infante a rest or playing third when Mike Moustakas needs a day off.

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What Christian Colon can provide the Royals is another contact hitter. Fitting the Royals mold, Colon has only struck out 25 times in 294 at bats for Omaha this season, while drawing 28 walks. Colon is not likely to hit many home runs, having hit four this season after setting a career high of twelve last year, but he has hit fourteen doubles, two more than his total for all of 2013. With the spacious outfield in Kansas City, Colon could end up being another doubles hitter on the Royals roster.

At this point, Colon likely had nothing left to prove in Omaha. He has handled transition to a utility infielder relatively well, performing well enough defensively where he would not be a liability in the field. He is what he is offensively, someone who can make contact and has solid bat control. Colon may not be a superstar at the major league level, but he could end up as a serviceable player at the major league level.

There is an opportunity for Christian Colon at the major league level. Now it is up to him to make the most of it.