Living in a Kansas City Royals Dream World


Dreams can be strange things. Sigmund Freud theorized that dreams are “the royals road to the unconscious,” believing that dreams were a way for people to find out what they truly yearn for on a subconscious level. The desire to interpret dreams is an industry unto itself, with dream interpretation books and dream analysts seeking to make money from those who need to know what their dreams about purple gin drinking monkeys in zoot suits mean.

Lately, I have had recurring dreams. In these dreams, instead of the aforementioned fashionable simians, are the Kansas City Royals. Yet, these are not the Royals that we fans have come to recognize. Instead, these Royals cannot lose, looking like a truly dominant ballclub. Alex Gordon is Superman, only without the phone booth; his Royals uniform taking the place of Clark Kent’s tight blue outfit. Mike Moustakas has turned into a competent hitter, hitting the ball hard and hammering home runs. Jeremy Guthrie somehow swapped himself with Roger Clemens, racking up strikeout after strikeout.

As strange as those dreams are, they continue. Lorenzo Cain proves why he is the best defensive outfielder in baseball, making an unbelievable catch, then topping it the very next night. Wade Davis is a red haired Craig Kimbrel as a set up man. The Royals are a competent offensive team. They are winning in a variety of ways, blowing out opponents one night while winning pitching duels the next day. Ned Yost is pushing all the right buttons, to the point when I’m agreeing with his obsession with the bunt. Through all this, the Royals have won ten consecutive games, and have taken a game and a half lead over the Detroit Tigers.

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The days are passing by in a haze of blue and white as I wait for those dreams to return. During these recent nights, those dreams have been magnificent. They involve the Royals going on a run that has not been seen in Kansas City since 1994, and a month where the Royals have made up eight games on the Tigers in just two and a half weeks. The dreams involve the Royals having the look of a potential playoff team, and not in the same way the 2003 Royals did. In fact, these dreams even involved a report that David Glass would add to the Royals payroll at the trade deadline!

Who knows how long these dreams can last? Pleasant dreams can change into nightmares, with the gorgeous wilderness meadow housing some terrible creature. Likewise, the Royals could spiral into oblivion, this ten game run just being a footnote to another season without meaningful games in September. Yet, for now, these dreams are as pleasant as those where I am handed $1 Billion and can have anything that I desire.

Eventually, these dreams will end and I will need to awaken. However, I would like to dream just a bit longer, let’s say until the end of October. Unplug my alarm clock and call me out of work, because I have a dream to finish that involves winning the World Series. Keep the kids quiet and the door closed, because the Royals are in first place.

This winning streak and the Royals recent play has been a dream come true. If this is a dream, don’t wake me up just yet.