Kendrys Morales is not a Fit for the Royals


All Kendrys Morales needs to do is wait until tomorrow. Once the 2014 MLB Amateur Draft has begun, then Morales will likely receive several offers from teams interested in adding a power hitting first baseman/designated hitter type. As several contending teams, or teams with dreams of postseason contention, could use a player such as Morales, he will be in demand shortly.

With the interest in Morales heating up, the Kansas City Royals have once again emerged as a possible destination for the power hitter. David Schoenfield of’s SweetSpot blog listed five potential landing spots for Morales, naming the Royals as one such possibility.

As Schoenfield points out, the Royals would seemingly make sense as a destination. Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler still have a single home run each on the season, and with the Royals offense being less than mediocre this year, Kendryss Morales could be an interesting option. If nothing else, he could potentially provide some power to a lineup in desperate need of a home run hitter. Morales has also proven that he can hit home runs in larger ballparks, having hit 23 home runs last season for the Seattle Mariners.

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Unfortunately, there are obstacles between what could make sense and what will likely ultimately happen. First, signing Morales would cost the Royals a decent amount of money. As the Royals are not exactly assured of reaching the postseason, and have an owner who is known for pinching pennies hard enough to make ol’ Abe Lincoln cry, the idea of increasing payroll to bring Morales aboard is highly improbable.

The second obstacle to signing Kendrys Morales is the reason why he is considered a potential fit for the Royals. Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler are not likely to go anywhere this season. If the Royals fall out of contention, and an American League team needs a designated hitter, or if a National League team is truly desperate for a first baseman, then Butler could possibly be sent out. However, Hosmer is not leaving Kansas City. He is still expected to be a part of the Royals future, and a possible building block.

With the possibility that the Royals could be sellers come the trade deadline, that also further decreases the odds that Morales would end up in Kansas City. Unless the Royals were to sign him to a multi year contract, and at a bargain rate, signing Morales just does not seem feasible.

Kendrys Morales, in a vacuum, may appear to make sense for the Kansas City Royals, Unfortunately, he just is not a fit in the lineup.