Mike Moustakas has Returned to Kansas City


Back when Danny Valencia was first taken out of the lineup due to his hand injury, it seemed inevitable that he would end up on the disabled list. After all, he sat for five games before returning to the lineup. Naturally, once Valencia returned to the lineup, he injured his wrist. This time, his sprained wrist was deemed bad enough that Valencia was placed on the disabled list, prompting the return of Mike Moustakas.

Moustakas, after a rough start at Omaha, started to find himself, posting a .355/.412/.548 batting line in his eight games at AAA. Of his eleven hits, four went for extra bases, as he had three doubles and an RBI. Even though his recall was necessitated due to Valencia’s injury, the return of Mike Moustakas was inevitable. Ned Yost intimated as such when he stated that the Royals were close to bringing Moustakas back a couple of days ago.

So, for better or for worse, Mike Moustakas is back. As Moustakas was down at AAA for the minimum allotted time, and that Yost was eager to bring him back to the major league level, it seems as though his performance at Omaha would not have mattered. Moustakas had received his “wake-up call” and would come back to Kansas City as soon as possible.

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Yesterday, Moustakas was back in the starting lineup, facing Mark Buehrle of the Toronto Blue Jays. Buehrle shut down the Royals lineup, and Moustakas was no exception, going 0-3 on a day where the Royals had six hits in total. But Moustakas was able to hit the ball hard twice in those three at bats, so that counts for something, right?

If it is to the point where the Royals and Ned Yost are trying to find moral victories for Mike Moustakas, perhaps he should not be at the major league level. While he was called up through necessity as Jimmy Paredes was sent back down for the horror show that was Aaron Brooks, can Moustakas truly be considered as ready based on 34 minor league plate appearances?

Maybe Mike Moustakas really is ready to be a major league first baseman. Maybe that time spent in Omaha will be enough to get him on track, and allow him to blossom into the player that the Royals thought they were going to receive. Perhaps Moustakas can help lead a push to the postseason, bringing the Royals back to the Promised Land of meaningful October baseball. And perhaps I will hit the lottery, allowing me to have enough extra time and money to fulfill my lifelong dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail. After all, if one is going to dream, one may as well dream big.

Mike Moustakas is back, and he was going to be back by this point no matter what. Danny Valencia getting injured just provided a convenient excuse.