Trading Mike Moustakas for Will Middlebrooks


He was a top prospect for his team in the minors, a third baseman with the type of power potential that scouts and fans dream of. He was expected to hold down third base for the foreseeable future, to be someone that a winning team could be built around. Even though there were questions around how frequently he struck out, as long as he could hit approximately .260 with the expected power, he could be a vital part of the lineup.

Sound familiar? Chances are, one would immediately think of Mike Moustakas with that description. And while that would be correct, that description could also be used for the Boston Red Sox own third baseman, Will Middlebrooks. While Middlebrooks did not have the same type of power that Moustakas was expected to possess, he was still someone who was thought to be a middle of the order, run producing bat.

Instead, both Moustakas and Middlebrooks have disappointed. Moustakas was rumored to be sent to Omaha due to his lack of production, something that Middlebrooks had endured already this season. This year, although Middlebrooks has not been sent down, the thought exists that the Red Sox should resign Stephen Drew, pushing Xander Bogaerts to third. Such a move would either push Middlebrooks to the bench, or send him down to the Pawtucket Red Sox once again.

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At this point, it may be fair to wonder if either player will ever be what their teams expect. Both the Red Sox and the Royals, along with their fans, seem to be losing patience with Will Middlebrooks and Mike Moustakas, respectively. It may be that the situation both players find themselves in just is not working for either. Perhaps what both players need is a change of scenery. It would not be the first time, nor would it be the last, that two struggling players are traded for one another.

Sometimes, such a move works. Both players, rejuvenated by their new surroundings, become the type of players they were expected to be. Sometimes that move does not work, as neither ever recapture their former abilities. However, at this point, and with the Royals offense in need of a spark, it may not hurt to see if the Red Sox would be interested in trading their disappointing player for Moustakas. At least, once Middlebrooks comes off the disabled list.

As strange a concept as it may seem to be, perhaps the Kansas City Royals should consider trading Mike Moustakas. If so, they may be able to get another third baseman back in return.