Triple Play Podcast: Albert Pujols, MLB Transfer Rule, Royals Evaluations


On this week’s episode, Reese, Matt, and I talked about Albert Pujols joining the 500-home run club, and how amazing he’s been throughout his career. For a player who is one of the best at his position in the game’s history, it sometimes seems like Pujols doesn’t get as much credit as he really deserves. We also talk a bit about Michael Pineda and his suspension after using pine tar, and MLB’s now-dead transfer rule. From there, we mention the Tigers’ release of Alex Gonzalez, and why that organization should be praised for admitting their mistake early on in the season, instead of allowing a player to hurt the team for a few months, or even a few years. Sound familiar?

Speaking of the Royals, we went through most of the roster, player-by-player, and discussed whether we think they will get better, get worse, or stay at about the same level. Obviously it’s still early in the season, but we do have some information with which to begin to form opinions, or at least information to use to confirm previously-held opinions.

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