The Kansas City Royals are Selling Fountain Water


July 10, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; A general view of the sunset from the outfield fountains in the fifth inning of the 2012 MLB All Star Game at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports via USA TODAY Sports

The fountains in center field at Kauffman Stadium are a unique feature amongst major league parks, giving the K a feel all it’s own. With such a distinctive feature in the stadium, it would make sense that the Kansas City Royals would look to capitalize upon it. As of now, it appears as though they managed to figure out how to do so, selling vials of water from the fountains at Kauffman Stadium for $20 each in the Royals team store.

These bottles are authenticated by Major League Baseball to truly contain water from the fountains, as opposed to random tap water. Even though the description for the bottles does not indicate how much water they contain, it is probably safe to say that one should not drink their keepsake, no matter how thirsty they may get. Not only would you be out $20, but who can forget how this one woman frolicked in the water? Would one really want to drink that?

The Royals have just latched on to another way where teams can have their fans feeling that they are bringing home a part of the ballpark experience with them. Although some may laugh at the idea of spending that much money on a bottle of water, the premise is really no different than teams selling vials of dirt from their infield. Also, at least the vial of water is delivered to you and can remain in your home, unlike the bricks that were sold at Fenway Park. All those people received for their $250 or $475 was a replica brick and the ability to see their brick when they went to see the Boston Red Sox.

Even if the concept of the Royals selling water from their fountains seems bizarre, there is absolutely nothing wrong with capitalizing upon a unique element. Like the woman in the video, you too can have water from Kauffman Stadium in the palm of your hand. Only, this keepsake will remain yours, and you will not need to get arrested in order to own it.

The Kansas City Royals have finally found a way to tape into one of the distinctive features of their home park. For $20, you can have a vial of fountain water shipped to you, and have a novel keepsake to put upon your mantle.