Last Laugh will be on Ned Yost


Mandatory Credit:

David Manning


Ned Yost, you card you.  It’s been adorable listening to you talk about hurting player’s domes, and talk about your emotional investments this week.  Just so huckster charming!

I mean, why not poke some fun at those idiots in the media who have the audacity to question your decisions?  Why not mess with the domes of the fans, and play with their emotional investment in this god forsaken franchise?  None of them ever played in the bigs.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Ned should ask that question to Scott Pioli.

Ned Yost‘s latest tactic with the press has grown stale fast.  He thinks he has constructed a permanent “get out of jail free card” by admitting he often doesn’t tell the press the truth.  This is just a guy who’s tactically in over his skies as a modern-day baseball manager, and deep down knows it.  Ned’s not willing to accept his short comings for what they are, and deal with them.  Instead of dealing with them, he’s manufactured this immature game of cat and mouse, thinking it will give him a pass.

He’s dead wrong.

It’s too bad because he really could be an above average manager.  The guy can beautifully unite a club house.  It’s a place where guys feel like they are with family.  Royals players, not named Johnny Giavotella, know their manager has their back and will do all he can to make them a success.  Why not bond with a tortured, yet loyal, fan base the same way?

When not pontificating on the boys in blue, I manage a large team of sellers.  There are things some managers can help with, and things they can not.  God help my company if I am in charge of any micro analysis or technical research.  Thing is, my team really needs consistent support in just those areas.  I delegate.  I listen. I don’t dig my heels in on things that make me uncomfortable.  I seek counsel.  When cornered, I’ll show the question respect, and admit I need time to consider it more before taking any action, or making an immediate plan to address it.  I try to think and act like Joe Maddon.

If this team has another Spring like last year, this crap is going to get him fired. Dayton Moore will have no choice when fans stop showing up and acting out like they did at Arrowhead a few seasons ago.  The Glass family may not have the competitive passion we wish they had, but they don’t want to be embarrassed, and they don’t want to lose money.

Moore and the Royals may be able to survive a bad start to the season, but Ned Yost won’t if he doesn’t stop thinking he’s Jeff Foxworthy.