Reaction to Luke Hochevar’s Injury


Jun 4, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Luke Hochevar (44) delivers a pitch in the fifth inning of the game against the Minnesota Twins at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Here at Kings of Kauffman, we like to know what you think. We enjoy the comments we get on our posts. For me, the interaction I have with each of you, even when we disagree on a player or a topic, is a a definite bonus when it comes to writing here. There is nothing quite like interacting with other Royals fans, especially for those of us who are stuck living outside of the Kansas City area.

With that in mind, we asked for your thoughts on our Facebook page in regards to Luke Hochevar‘s injury. Since not everyone has the same opinion, it seemed like a fun exercise to see how our readers felt how the injury not only affected the Royals, but Hochevar as well. For the most part, it seems that we all have confidence in the bullpen depth on the Royals to handle the injury. Here are some of your thoughts on the matter:

"Moore built up the bullpen depth and was smart enough to know injuries happen so you can never have too many good pitchers. The biggest harm it does the team is that KC won’t have the opportunity to flip Hoch at the trade deadline prior to free agency as it could if he had a great first 1/2 and KC can’t afford to have too many more injuries in the pen. Of course, maybe LH will be a strong addition for KC’s playoff push in the second 1/2! – David PartschRoyals have plenty of depth, including a few guys no one has heard of yet. Too bad for Luke, I thought he was going to break out this year. I wish him the best. – Jim FetterolfTough situation for Hoch. I know he really wanted to come in and be a contributor this season. But make no mistake, the Royals have a stable of strong-armed, capable relievers that can fill the void. – Matthew PattonIts horrible. Luke has finally found a role and really started to live up to his high draft pick. Too see this happen makes me very sad. What is with all of out P and blowing their UCL? Very frustrating. – Josh Johnson (not the pitcher – I checked)I’m not a Hoch fan at all! The home opener with Cleveland still stings! But he is phenomenal coming out as a set up. I still think this hurts us two ways. 1) no solid setup. 2) If Hoch did great he could have been traded for something greater! Both hurts us now.. – Gary Wilmes"

Thank you to everyone who commented and let us know your thoughts. We will look to do more of these with any important moves or injuries that impact the Royals going forward.