Could the Glass Family Consider Selling the Royals?


At times, when reading an interview, there is a statement that just stands out. It could well be a harmless, throwaway sentence; a response given that there really should not be that much importance attached to it. Yet, sometimes, those sentences can become the basis of speculation.

In an interview with Dick Kaegel of, Royals president Dan Glass was asked about the future of his family owning the Royals. Specifically, Kaegel asked him if he could see the Glass family owning the team far into the future. Glass started by saying that it was possible, but the rest of his answer became rather interesting.

"“Quite possibly, quite possibly. I think if for some reason there was a better ownership group that we felt like would be better for Kansas City than us and would agree to contractually keep the team here in Kansas City for a long time, then we’d have to consider that I think. But right now, I would say yes.”"

“If there was a better ownership group…” Does that mean that, if another group wanted to purchase the Royals and would be willing to invest into building a contender, the Glass family would sell the Royals? Has the Glass family received an offer for the Royals, but declined it?

David Glass has bristled at the topic of selling the Royals before, including walking out of an interview with Danny Parkins of 610 Sports during the All-Star Game FanFest. Could it be that Glass is perhaps beginning to change his mind? Is it possible that selling the Royals to a better owner is really being considered?

Of course, Dan Glass also stated that, as of right now, he anticipates that his family will own the team for the foreseeable future. Yet, he still opened the door that, perhaps, the Glass family could actually sell the Royals at some point.