An Open Letter to David Glass


Mr. David Glass,

You do not know us at all, but we are the fans of your Kansas City Royals. Despite your best efforts to turn the team into nothing more than a personal ATM, we have remained fans. We remained loyal to the Royals even after virtually all of their good, young talent was sent away for practically nothing. Even though the Royals had become a punchline around the country, we continued to support them.

Now, our faith is being rewarded. The Royals are coming off their best season since 1989, and are considered to be the biggest threat to seize the American League Central from the Detroit Tigers. Playoff baseball, which seemed like a pipe dream even two years ago, may soon be a reality.

Mr. Glass, we know that you have already increased the Royals payroll to record levels. Allowing Dayton Moore to sign Omar Infante and Jason Vargas, in addition to his trade for Norichika Aoki, have helped fill several of the holes on the roster. Should Eric Hosmer, Billy Butler and Salvador Perez perform at their expected levels, then the Royals should be serious contenders this season.

However, there is still work to be done. The Royals need another starter. Bringing back Ervin Santana or defying expectations and signing Masahiro Tanaka would certainly help. While you are signing starting pitching, giving James Shields an extension to keep him in Kansas City beyond this season should also be on the list. This way, the Royals young starters will have a mentor during their formative years at the major league level, and the trading of Wil Myers will not be questioned nearly as much.

Yes, these moves would require an additional expenditure on your part. However, you could make that money back in spades. Having a full Kauffman Stadium will increase your bottom line, and should the Royals finally reach the postseason once again, think of how much more revenue you could make!

Both you and the Royals have come a long way in the past few years, but there are still a couple more steps to take. And so, Mr. Glass, we ask you to open your checkbook once again. Think of the fans. Think of the excitement of a filled to capacity Kauffman Stadium. And think of the future revenue that you could receive with the Royals in the postseason.


Royals fans