Sitting on Santa’s lap wishing on Royals dreams


Well, if this is a wish list for Santa, can’t we also wish for Santa to be a little less, uh, like Santa? Photo by Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the New Year quickly approaches, the mad dash to line stockings with goodies and fill empty spaces beneath the tree seems to consume every free, waking moment.
Ah, to be the Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore right now. It appears all of his holiday shopping is done. He may have to dash out for some last minute gift buying. Who doesn’t?
Maybe another starting pitcher for Uncle George, or a right-handed power bat for cousin Dan. But really, he can rest and have his eggnog and let all the other GMs wait in long lines at the Free Agent Bargain Store.
If he does find himself on Santa’s lap, he could make a wish or two or ten for some of those things that can’t be wrapped, those intangible things that only Santa and dreams can make come true.

If Dayton Moore were to sit on Santa’s lap, he might ask Santa for these 2014 gifts:

10.  Mike Moustakas hits righties and lefties so well next year that Danny Valencia gets a rash on his backside from riding the pine.
9.  Luke Hochevar makes the All Star game, and he’s fourth on the Royals All Star pitching “depth chart.”
8.  Jason Vargas makes everyone in Kansas City forget about Ervin Santana and even has a line of barbecue sauces named after him: Smokey Jason’s Grillin’ Juice.
7.  A way is found to smoothly ease Steve Physioc out of the broadcast booth and slide Frank White back in.
6.  Nori Aoki and Omar Infante each will have an OBP of over .350. No, really, Santa, each of them.
5.  Lorenzo Cain will go injury-free throughout the entire season. And, yes, Santa, he has to also play the entire season.
4.  Catcher Brett Hayes will not get more than 150 at bats all year. Santa, I know, this is kind of a double wish because it means Salvador Perez will have to be healthy all year for this to happen.
3.  The James Shields trade at the All Star break nets us someone else’s “can’t miss” power hitting prospect.
2.  We win the World Series.
1.  Mike Moustakas hits righties and lefties so well next year that Danny Valencia gets a rash on his backside from riding the pine. Never hurts to ask twice, does it, Santa?