A Royals Holiday Wish List


Dear Santa,

The Royals have been good this year. In fact, they have been really good. Despite their history since 2004, they have been as good as they could be, winning more games than they have in any year since 1989. Surely this has to be enough to get off the naughty list, right?

However, the Royals still need help. If you could, please leave the following gifts under their tree this holiday season, and help spread joy, good cheer and a possible playoff berth to the Royals and their fans.

First, we would like a right fielder that could fit in as a middle of the order bat. Carlos Beltran would be nice, since we would like to see Beltran come home for the holidays once again. It has been almost a decade since we have seen his face smiling from beneath a Royals cap. It would be great to see that once again.

Next, we could use a second baseman. As much as Robinson Cano would be appreciated, we realize that there are limits to even your generosity. Quite frankly, we are not going to be picky at second base, just as long as it is an upgrade. or if you can find a way to keep Emilio Bonifacio hitting the way he did when he came over from Toronto. That would be great as well.

Another top starting pitcher would be great as well. If you could, please convince Ervin Santana to remain in Kansas City – he seemed to enjoy his time here, and we enjoyed watching him pitch. Matt Garza could also work. Just please make sure that the Royals realize that Jason Vargas is a solid back of the rotation piece, and not a second starter on a club with playoff aspirations. Please.

Finally, please let our young hitters progress. Eric Hosmer looked as though he may be hitting his stride in the second half of last season; if he can continue to perform like that, it would be great. Mike Moustakas, on the other hand, needs some work. Please let him stop trying to pull everything and let him turn into the type of the middle of the order bat that he was supposed to be.

Thank you,

Royals fans