The Royals Need to Retire Dan Quisenberry’s # 29


Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

There have been plenty of articles and arguments regarding Dan Quisenberry‘s Hall of Fame resume.  I’m not going to re-hash.  It’s a close call.  I am biased.  I loved the guy.  Dan Quisenberry was one of the most unique and special people to play any sport in Kansas City.

Quiz fans are happy he is getting another shot at Coopers Town, due to the Expansion Era Hall of Fame ballot. We are glad his career is being re-digested with today’s hindsight and advanced statistics.

It’s also time for the Royals to re-examine Dan’s contributions.

For a franchise that’s been in existence since 1969, it’s a small shame to have only one member in the HOF.  It would be excellent for the Royals to have a second player enshrined.  They should help their cause. Retire his number, right away.

The Royals have only retired three numbers.  George Brett, Frank White, and Dick Howser.  I think all 3 are deserving, but only Brett’s career for KC outshines Dan Quisenberry’s.

Howser came to the Royals in the middle of the 1981 season.  The Royals were a perennial winner in 1981, one season removed from a World Series appearance.  In six years under Howser, the Royals posted a 525 winning percentage, went to the playoffs twice, and won their only World Series Championship.  He’s the best manager in Royals history.

You can not tell me Dick Howser did more for the franchise than Quisenberry.  Quiz’s accomplishments when compared to his peers shine brighter.  He was the greatest, in his league, at his position from 1980 to 1985, while closing games for two World Series teams.  Quiz was the AL Rolaids Relief Pitcher of the year, led the league in saves, and finished top 5 in Cy Young voting in 1980, 1982, 1983,1984, and 1985.  Howser was a fine manager, but was not the greatest manager in the AL over a 5 year period.

Frank White?  Not only is his number 20 retired, he has a statue, and party suite named after him.  I don’t think Frank had a better career than Dan Quisenberry.  You know who agrees with me?  The Expansion Era Hall of Fame Committee.  Quiz is on the ballot, White is not.  Boom.

Let’s face some other hard facts. The Royal Ring of Honor needs some polishing right now.  Frank White is a disgruntled ex employee.  His entire life and public brand is based on his feud with the Royals.  Sweet statue though!

George Brett these days?  He’s now known as the great former player who quit as hitting coach, after about 15 minutes on the job, poops his pants a couple of times a year, and threatens to shoot annoying autograph seekers.  I couldn’t love him more, but he’s not been exactly “brand friendly” the last few years.

Dear Royals, don’t be stubborn on this one.  Giving Quisenberry a better shot at the Hall of Fame is more important than looking like you were wrong a few years ago.  Being progressive, and using new insight and data to better appreciate Quiz’s career would be admirable.  As written before, when you change your mind, you allow yourself to become smarter. Retire #29, Royals.  As usual, the smart thing is also the right thing.