Where Has Jose Offerman Gone?


One would think that it would be difficult for a former major league player to drop off the face of the Earth. Especially if that player was a two time All-Star who played for fifteen seasons, making over $32million over that time. However, that is not the case for former Royals middle infielder Jose Offerman, who has seemingly vanished.

So, why would people be seeking the former major leaguer who has pulled off an excellent Where’s Waldo impression? Well, this is due to a situation that Offerman found himself in six years ago. Back when he was playing for the Long Island Ducks in 2007, Offerman took exception to being hit by a pitch. He charged the mound, hitting catcher John Nathans and pitcher Matt Beech with a bat. That attack led to Nathans’ career ending, and continued problems with nausea and dizziness. Now, Nathans has sued Offerman and the Ducks, seeking $4.8million in damages.

That incident is not the only time that Offerman’s anger has gotten the best of him on the field. As the manager for the Licey Tigers in the Dominican Winter League, Offerman threw a punch at an umpire during an argument, leading to a lifetime suspension that was later rescinded. Obviously, Offerman has issues.

Even though Nathans’ career peaked in AA for the Red Sox organization, and his dream of making the majors was unlikely to happen is irrelevant. Offerman’s brutal, and entirely unnecessary, attack on both players deserves to be punished. Thankfully Nathans has been able to graduate from law school and build a life for himself, despite those issues caused by his head injury suffered at the bat of Offerman.

It may be six years later, but it appears as though Jose Offerman is set to face the music for his outburst against the Bridgeport Bluefins. The only problem is that Offerman has vanished. Hopefully, he can be found soon and answer for his actions that fateful day.