KCBBV: Fall Leagues and Roster Questions


This week, we wanted to take a look at some Arizona Fall League happenings, including checking in on Jason Adam, Jorge Bonifacio, Noel Arguelles, and Orlando Calixte, among others.

We also discussed other prospects – the big names, like Hunter Dozier, Bubba Starling, Cheslor Cuthbert, Sean Manaea, etc. Dozier and Cuthbert especially came up while talking about Mike Moustakas and the significance of his assignment to winter ball in Venezuela.

We took a look at the 40 man roster and guessed at which players might be dropping off this winter, what implications that may mean for the Rule 5 draft in December, and talked about guys like Ryan Verdugo, Michael Mariot, and guessed at the fate of Arguelles.

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