What Might Have Been: Royals Send Out Playoff Tickets


You know how a team will always have the merchandise – shirts, hats, jackets – already showing them as division champs, or league champs, or World Series champs the moment after they clinch their respective title? It’s well known by now that leagues will have that same merchandise ready for the losing team as well and often, the phantom championship merchandise ends up donated somewhere.

A number of Royals fans found that the same practice applies to tickets.

WIBW posted photos of a packet of tickets to Kauffman Stadium for a Royals playoff run. Included were tickets to the League Divisional Series, League Championship Series, and the World Series.

Of course, those ticket packages were heavily marked up for being premium games, but the Royals raised some eyebrows for having a huge price jump compared to their regular season tickets. The payment for these playoff ticket packages can be pushed towards 2014 season tickets or fans can request a refund.

Either way, those fans who received the actual tickets have a neat souvenir. Maybe a painful reminder of a season that fell short, but still, a pretty interesting reminder all the same.

Maybe they’ll use the same design for next year’s tickets. Or is that getting ahead of ourselves?