Royals Rookies Get Hazed


I’d imagine as long as there have been teams and new members of teams there’s been some form of hazing. Make rookies do something silly or embarrassing to be “initiated” to the big leagues.

Today was no different. After a thrilling walkoff win to end the home schedule, the Royals packed up, headed for Seattle. And in doing so, they put the rookies on the team through the annual ritual. It’s all in good fun, and you can tell that the players made the best of it.

This year the theme was female character costumes, featuring:

And since it’s 2013 and everyone has a camera on their phone, the veterans in the clubhouse captured all if it.

I’m not sure on how the Royals determined rookie status for this year’s hazing. Giavotella and Duffy were already forced to dress up back in 2011, the year each had made their Major League debuts. Come to think of it, back in 2011, Everett Teaford was cast in the role of Wonder Woman, just as Lough was this year.

I hope they washed the costume, at least.