We have returned. After a brief..."/>

We have returned. After a brief..."/>

We have returned. After a brief..."/>

The Royals Playoff Chase on the Kansas City Baseball Vault


We have returned. After a brief hiatus, we returned to the microphone with the Royals in the middle of a playoff race and surging. That was the main topic of discussion for the week: what does it mean and what are the chances of the Royals reaching the playoffs and, if they do, advancing in them?

Are you satisfied if the Royals make the wild card but have a play-in game or, as a fan, are you hoping just for the division? Either way, we covered both sides of that scenario.

We talked about the offensive turnaround, injuries, new acquisitions, Bruce Chen‘s magic, Danny Duffy‘s start, the impact of the September roster expansion on playoff hopes, Ervin Santana‘s odds of re-signing with the Royals, the impact of coaching, the second base position, and, well, I think you get the point – we talked about a lot. There was a lot of catching up to do and a lot of excitement. Now, we’re waiting and watching the Hunt For Blue October with the rest of you.

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