The Most Important Day of the Year


I have almost always watched the Royals on my birthday in one capacity or another ever since I started really following them back in 2000. Whether it was on T.V. (the typical venue) or actually going to the game, (a time or two).

So in preparation for tomorrow, I’d like to take a brief look back at how the Royals have done on June 27th. Here’s a recap of how lucky I am:

2000 – Royals lose to the Indians 12-1Mac Suzuki took the loss and Richie Sexson, Sandy Alomar Jr. and Jim Thome all had home runs. The Royals were 35-39 after the loss.

2001 – Royals beat the Tigers 5-4. Beltran had a home run (tear) and the Royals improve to…uh…30-46.

2002 – Royals defeat Detroit 5-2 and Mike Sweeney has a home run. Paul Byrd improves his record to 10-5 as the Royals boast a record of 29-46 after the win. Neat.

2003 – YEAH!!!! Royals beat the Cardinals 6-3. Go to 42-34. Is this year? No. No it’s not.

2004 – Welp. Royals lose to the Cards 10-3. Drop to 28-44. More importanly, Ethan’s #1 undesirable Jimmy Gobble is saddled with the loss.

2005 – Royals lose to the stupid Twins 3-1 and drop to 25-50. Grienke’s record is 1-9 after the loss. Brutal. Brutal. Brutal. I hate the Twins.

2006 – Royals beat the Reds 9-8 via four home runs courtesy of Matt Stairs, Emil Brown, John Buck and David Dejesus. But Ken Griffey Jr. had a home run. EVERYONE BOW DOWN.

2007 – Royals beat a pretty hot Angels team 1-0. Jorge De La Rosa gets a win. That’s cool I guess. Except he gave up ten hits, walked one and struck out one. FLUKE FLUKE FLUKE. Royals are now 33-46. This is getting depressing.

2008 – Royals beat the Cardinals again, 7-2. I was at this game. Gil Meche pitched seven innings and only gave up one run. He struck out two and walked one. Alex Gordon hit a yummy home run and the rest of the team provided five extra-base hits throughout the game. Royals climb to 37-43

2009 – Battle of the old-school mindsets. Royals lose to the Pirates 6-2. Chen takes the loss and the Royals are now 31-42.

2010 – Royals beat the Cardinals 10-3 to go to 32-44. Chen goes to 4-2 and Wilson Betemit hits a home run. Jose Guillen extends his hit streak to 21 games in this contest. Laughs.

2011 – Royals lose 4-3 to the Padres in a close one. Jeff Francis gets the loss and Mat Latos gets the win. Royals are now 33-46.

2012 – Royals beat the Rays 5-4 with home runs from Butler, Escobar, and Moustakas. They’re now 34-39.

So despite the Royals typically being irrelevant on my birthday for the past thirteen years, they’re 8-5 on my birthday. So that’s pretty cool. I predict a Royals win against the Twins. Don’t let me down, boys.