Royals Sign More Draftees to Join Hunter Dozier


A day after announcing the signing of their first round pick, Hunter Dozier, the Royals announced signings of 17 others, including four of their first eleven picks from the first ten rounds.

The big signing yet to happen is that of lefty Sean Manaea, who the Royals view as a second first round pick. The Royals saved about a million dollars with Dozier’s $2.2 million bonus when compared to the slot value for the eight overall pick, and they saved just over $162,000 with their bonus offer to fifth round pick Amalani Fukofuka. That puts them in a good spot to give Manaea an offer that will surely surpass the $1.6 million dollar slot amount for the 34th overall pick. Manaea was originally a potential top ten pick but a hip injury dropped him out of the first round. It’s not expected to be a significant issue once he has surgery to repair a torn labrum. Manaea is advised by Scott Boras.

1SSHunter Dozier8/22/1991Stephen F Austin6/10/13 – $2.2 million
CBLHPSean Manaea2/1/1992Indiana State
2LHPCody Reed4/15/1993NW Mississippi CC6/11/13 – $1,198,500
3RHPCarter Hope2/5/1995Woodlands HS (TX)
4CZane Evans11/29/1991Georgia Tech
5OFAmalani Fukofuka9/25/1995James Logan HS (CA)6/11/13 – $175,000
6RHPLuke Farrell6/7/1991Northwestern6/11/13
7LHPKyle Bartsch3/10/1991University of South Alabama
81BCody Stubbs1/14/1991North Carolina
9OFDaniel Rockett11/9/1990UT-San Antonio6/11/13 – $147,000
10OFAlex Newman12/7/1992Cypress College (CA)
11CXavier Fernandez7/15/1995Puerto Rico BB Academy
121BBrandon Dulin12/29/1992Longview College MO)6/11/13
13LHPJonathan Dziedzic2/4/1991Lamar University6/11/13
14RHPChase Darhower1/12/1993NW Florida St College6/11/13
15OFDominique Taylor8/11/1992UC Irvine6/11/13
16RHPKevin McCarthy2/22/1992Marist6/11/13
17RHPKevin Perez8/1/1993Miami Dade CC South6/11/13
18CFrank Schwindel6/29/1992St. John’s6/11/13
19RHPAndrew Edwards10/7/1991Western Kentucky University
20RHPGlenn Sparkman5/11/1992Wharton County JC (TX)6/11/13 – $100,000
211BShane Conlon2/27/1992Kansas State University
22RHPAndrew Brockett7/5/1992Richmond University6/11/13
23LHPJavier Reynoso10/31/1992Middle Georgia College
24OFRiley King4/23/1994Carroll College (MT)6/11/13
25SSLogan Gray1/12/1995Rockhurst HS
26SSTrace Tam Sing12/7/1991Washington State University
27LHPChristian Flecha5/9/1995Caguas Military Academy (PR)
28SSKevin Kuntz5/29/1990University of Kansas6/11/13
29RHPAlex Black2/27/1991Columbia University6/11/13
302BAndrew Ayers4/20/1991California St Sacramento6/11/13
31RHPTimothy Zeuch8/1/1995Mason HS (OH)
32RHPMichael Shawaryn9/17/1994Gloucester Catholic HS (NJ)
33LHPDalton Moats5/24/1995Park Hill Senior HS (KC MO)
34RHPIsaac Anderson9/4/1993College of Southern Idaho
35LHPClay Miller7/1/1994Bayfield HS (CO)
361BRyan McBroom4/9/1992West Virginia University
373BWill Craig11/16/1994Science Hill HS (TN)
38OFJake Matthews12/29/2004Ironwood Ridge HS (AZ)
39SSJohn Sternagel9/21/1994Rockledge HS (FL)
40RHPKeaton Steele10/30/1991Missouri

Additionally, you should check out the coverage of the signings by Royals Review, who dug up the reactions by some of the new signees on Twitter just after they’d agreed to terms: it’s interesting to look at.