Series Q&A with Yanks Go Yard


After a brief three game road trip to Baltimore the Royals return to the K for a quick home stand against the Yankees. While we know Robinson Cano will get booed at every turn this weekend by the Kansas City faithful. Since this is the Yanks only trip to KC we decided to check in with Jason Evans of Yankees Go Yard.

Public enemy number one Robinson Cano returns to the K this weekend. Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Kings of Kauffman – Robinson Cano will be booed every time he’s at bat or announced this weekend, how do you think this will play with Yankee fans watching on TV?

Yankees Go Yard – The Cano thing to me was very overblown. There should just be a rule that the host stadium automatically has a competitor in the home run derby. Yankees get booed all the time so it won’t bother him or fans watching.

KOK – Many, myself included thought New York would take a step back but to their credit they are playing decent, what are the reasons for this?

YGY – The credit goes to the pitching staff. After early struggles, they’ve really calmed down. GM Brian Cashman has brought in some nice veteran stop gaps like Lyle Overbay to help out. Vernon Wells has been better than anyone could have expected.

KOK – How does the starting pitching line-up for the weekend?

YGY – he Royals will see Phil Hughes friday who has pitched quite a bit better than early on. If he can throw strikes, and keep his pitch count down, it could be a long night for KC. Andy Pettitte goes saturday night and he’s really struggled of late. If he’s elevating the ball, KC is in good shape. Hiroki Kuroda goes sunday and he’s been the Yankees most consistant starter this year.

KOK – This will be the Yankees lone trip to the K so our last chance to see Mariano Rivera how has Mo been (nearly a year to the day to his injury at Kauffman Stadium)

YGY – Mariano RIvera has been as good as he ever has. He could probably pitch another two years after this if he wanted.

Pitching Match-ups and game times –

Friday: Phil Hughes (1-2, 3.60) v. Wade Davis (2-2, 4.75), 7:10 pm
Saturday:  Andy Pettitte (3-2, 4.06) v. James Shields (1-2, 3.09), 6:10 pm
Sunday:  Hiroki Kuroda (4-2, 2.30) v. Ervin Santana (3-1, 2.00), 1:10 pm