Talking “42” With Bob Kendrick, Bubba Starling With Jason Parks, and OOTP Baseball With Brad Cook on the Vault


This week on the Kansas City Baseball Vault, we discussed the young season and the Royals early success in 2013 and shared the elements that stood out to us in the first place start.

Then we cycled in some great guests, starting with Bob Kendrick, president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Kendrick’s spirits were high following a successful Red Carpet premiere of “42”, which saw a packed AMC Theater show the Jackie Robinson biopic. The event featured an collectibles auction and many Royals made appearances, as did the stars of the film, Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford. We spoke about the movie, the event, and the lasting impact of sharing a story like Robinson’s through film.

We could talk to Bob for hours to hear all the stories, but we had to move on. We then talked with Brad Cook from OOTP Developments about the newest edition of Out of the Park Baseball and the new features of the highly-addicting baseball simulation game.

We finished up by talking with Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus. He wrote an article detailing concerns about Bubba Starling and we brought him on to ask him a bit more. He had an interesting take on some of the circumstances that may hold Starling back and while it’s not uplifting, it’s also important information to think about in evaluating the local prospect.

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