Kansas City Baseball Vault Talks to Royals Minor Leaguer Anthony Seratelli


The Royals start out undefeated in Cactus League play and we decided to figure out if it meant anything. Or even a little bit of anything.

Does it improve the team’s confidence? Is it a sign of good things in 2013? How did we think the rotation did the first time through?

Anthony Seratelli

rounds third after a homer. (Photo: Minda Haas – @minda33)

We covered all of those topics and marveled at the Chris Getz homer and what it means for the second base battle. We also talked a bit about what the World Baseball Classic means for the rest of spring training. Paul McCartney even showed up*.
*Paul McCartney did not show up. It was just a poor impersonation.

The best part of the week, though, was our discussion with Anthony Seratelli of the Omaha Storm Chasers. He shared his story of how he got to be a part of professional baseball and the twists and turns that landed him in the Royals organization. He’s an easy guy to root for and his story is a fun one to listen to. Check him out on Twitter at @ars1productions.

On the end, we also included a clip of an interview with Royals Hall of Famer John Mayberry where he discusses home run hitting in Kauffman Stadium. The full interview will be replayed on The Ballgame on ESPN 1510 AM in Kansas City on Wednesday, March 6th starting at 4 p.m. CST.

Download the full mp3 here or listen in the embedded player above.

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