My Top 20 Blue Rocks Moments: #7 Donovan Delaney’s Throw


My number seven top Wilmington Blue Rocks moment is…

Donovan Delaney’s throw.

The Johnny Mac remembrance is all the way to the right of the picture, almost directly behind the centerfielder (and to the left of the #33). Via Jen Nevius

You are probably wondering why a throw made my top moments and I wish you could have seen it (but video coverage from back then is not exactly easy to find). It made my local news the night it happened and probably would have made Sportscenter’s Top Ten if it was around back then.

In 1995, Donovan Delaney was playing left field for the Blue Rocks. The opposing batter hit a fly ball to deep left field with a runner on first base. Delaney caught the ball at the wall and the base runner began retreating back to first base. Delaney turned and fired to first base (with the runner jogging with his back turned). He hit the first baseman on the fly to complete the double play and end the inning.

Fans, including myself, weren’t sure what to do. My mouth was wide open in a combination of shock and awe. That only lasted a few seconds, as Delaney then received a standing ovation as he returned to the dugout.

That arm was a big reason why he was converted to a pitcher.