Prince For A Day


A little over a week ago, I got the opportunity to go on a Kauffman Stadium tour. Some of you may have enjoyed this experience before, but it was my first time and it was pretty sweet. I’d like to share a few highlights with you.

Highlight #1

Our tour guide took us up to the Hyvee level seating so we could look out on the field. It was a little strange to see part of it covered in snow, but it was good to be home nonetheless. Our tour guide gave us some time to enjoy the view and then told us that many different people have asked her what the weirdest thing she’s ever seen as she’s given  various tour. Eventually, she just started telling every tour the story.

Apparently, as she led one group up to the Hyvee level one day, she looked down and saw a deer out in center field.. After she got over her initial shock, she saw that it was one of those deer targets hunters use to practice. Ned Yost was down the right field with his bow shooting arrows out towards center.

We all laughed at this dubiously and asked if she was kidding. She shrugged and said, “I guess if you’re Ned Yost, you can do whatever you want on the field.”

Highlight #2

We got go down and check out the executive board rooms you can “rent” out or whatever. It got me to thinking how awesome it would be to have a board meeting at the “K.” Then I thought about how much work I’d actually get done if the corporation I worked for set up a meeting during a Royals game. None. No work would get done. No work at all.

Highlight #3

A great story our guide told us was that she couldn’t allow us into the indoor batting cage because apparently, one tour guide took his group in there and let them essentially just take whatever they want. Soooooo they don’t let tours in there anymore.

Highlight #4

The whole tour was awesome, but the point I was looking forward to the whole time was when we got to hang out in the dugout. I know it probably sounds juvenile, but sitting in the dugout was one of the best things I’ve gotten to do in a long time. You follow the team closely, live and die with each win or loss, and, if you’re lucky, you get to rant about something once a week for a blog covering your squad.

And then you get to sit in the same dugout as the players you write about and you have to hold in your 9-year-old inner SQUEEEEEE.

I held it in, but had an unforgettable time nonetheless. It’s nice to see Kauffman in a new light. The old girl looked pretty good.