Royals Broadcaster Rex Hudler Talks With the Kansas City Baseball Vault


You either love him or hate him. He’s either an annoying cheerleader or wrapped up in passion for the game. There’s not always a lot of gray area when it involves Royals television analyst Rex Hudler.

Hudler took time to talk with us at the Kansas City Baseball Vault about his passion for baseball, his attitude as a player and how it has framed his daily approach as well as how he responds to criticism. We discussed optimism, getting over losses, and what he’s said to players since joining the Royals.

The Wonderdog also shared some of his personal stories of raising a child with disabilities and the ways his family has embraced the challenges and blessings involved.

This was a very forthright Hudler and a different side from what you’ll see on the Fox Sports Kansas City broadcast. Love him or hate him, he’s got something to say.

Download the full mp3 here or listen in the embedded player above.

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