Where Do You Get Your Baseball News?


The last two years of writing for Kings Of Kauffman has been great for me. I’e been able to get some serious experience writing about something that I like.

But it wasn’t until I began writing for the site that I was introduced to the dearth of baseball information that exists on the internet.

Two years ago, the extent of my Royals information came from Royals.com, the Kansas City Star and ESPN highlights (what little coverage they give to the Royals anyways.) I didn’t even discover Kings of Kauffman on my own. A roommate showed me a post asking for writers for the site and that’s when I first discovered the wealth of baseball discussion within the blogosphere. I started going crazy, reading everything that was available and looking for more. I had been missing out for years and never even realized it.

That being said, I’m going to list the 5 sources I’ve been going to for baseball information for the last two years. These sites will probably be familiar to you, so I’ll tell you a secret. I’m selfishly posting this in the hopes that you’ll give me some new places to read about the Royals and baseball in general.

1. ranyontheroyals.com – It’s here that Rany Jazayerli posts pretty regularly about the Royals. His posts are always, interesting, insightful, and humorous. Some of the best baseball writing I have read. The fact that his focus is the Royals just makes it that much sweeter.

2. sportsonearth.com (mostly Joe Posnanskia) – Joe Posnanski is a wonderful sportswriter. The fact that he spent part of his career in Kansas City becoming a Royals fan. He’s a national sportswriter, so he doesn’t focus on the Royals as much as Rany does, but when he writes about the team, or even being a sportsfan in Kansas City, he writes amazing articles.

3. MLBTraderumors.com – During the dreaded offseason, this site is a Godsend to help you keep up on all whispers of goings-on regarding your team. Very useful.

4. Baseballreference.com – Everything you ever wanted to know about baseball. You could spend years scouring this website and still not have even broached the amount of information available to you. It’s insane.

5. Fangraphs.com – All the amenities an advanced statistics-lover could desire. I’ll be honest with you. I typically come away from reading one of these articles feeling as if I understood 1/3 of what was written. They make my head hurt. But it’s a good hurt.


Again, I’m not trying to hide the fact that this is more for my benefit than yours. These are 5 pretty well-known sources of  baseball information on the web. What are some new ones you guys have for me to visit?

Gimme some reading material.


As I looked back through this and read the first comment made, I realized that I totally left Bob Dutton in the dust. I voraciously follow Bob on twitter and read his articles on www.kcroyals.com as well as the Kansas City Star. I was and am planning on doing a piece on Royals twitter handles you should have and Dutton’s (@Royals_Report) is on the list. More on this next week!