My Top 20 Blue Rocks Moments: #17 Sportscenter Visits


My #17 Wilmington Blue Rocks moment is…

When ESPN’s Sportscenter visited Frawley Stadium.

The Sportscenter “50 States in 50 Days” banner above the anchor desk (via Jen Nevius).

Back in 2005, ESPN sent Sportscenter across the country for 50 States in 50 Days. Delaware is a small state, but ESPN chose Frawley Stadium instead of the University of Delaware to air its show. At the time, Sportscenter was one of my favorite shows to watch (before MLB Network came about). Many people came out to get a chance to be seen on national television in the audience or to maybe even be featured on the show.

On August 19th, Matt Winer anchored the show from the third base line concourse prior to the game. The only one featured was William Mitchell, the little boy who handed the players bubble gum when they headed out onto the field from his seats by the opposing team’s clubhouse tunnel. He also would be high-fiving the players. I believe he even handed Winer a few pieces of gum. Winer then poorly threw out the first pitch.

That night’s attendance of 7,535 is still tops in the club’s history. However, many left following the first pitch.

Fortunately, the Blue Rocks (who were affiliated with the Boston Red Sox at the time) rallied with a five-run 6th inning after Lynchburg’s starter Landon Jacobsen stifled them for 4.2 innings. Dusty Brown delivered the big blow: a three-run double.

Current Kansas City Royal Luis Mendoza was the beneficiary of the big inning, as he picked up his fourth win of the season. He allowed four runs on seven hits and two walks over seven innings.

That’s current KC Royals Luis Mendoza back in 2005 via the Wilmington Blue Rocks scorecard.