Kansas City Baseball Vault: The Pine Tar Press Guys Stop By to Talk Baseball


In this week’s Kansas City Baseball Vault, we were joined by our pals Clint Scoles and Dave Lesky from the Pine Tar Press podcast.

We discussed the Hall of Fame vote and the factors that led to nobody being elected, as well as the process of voting. Lumped in with that was a discussion of steroids and other such issues that dozens of BBWAA members were writing about leading up to the final ballot counts.

In other baseball news, we answered a listener question about adding cell phones in dugouts to communicate with the bullpen.

We finished up by talking about projections for the Royals in 2013. Lesky explained some of his problems with the ZiPS system while we talked in general about the players who looked like they might be able to meet those projections, or even beat them.

After the discussion, Troy spoke with Joe Bonsall of famed band the Oak Ridge Boys. I know, “what does that have to do with baseball?”, you might ask. Bonsall is a big baseball fan (of the Phillies to be exact) and the ORB sang the national anthem at then-Royals Stadium before Game 7, so he shared his stories of being a baseball fan and being in Kansas City during the Royals dramatic Game 6 win and their series-clinching victory.

Download the full mp3 here or listen in the embedded player above.

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