Games Marked In Red


If you’re anything like me as we turn the page to a new year, you’ve already started counting the days down until baseball season. I love the NFL and the playoffs are great. I also adore March Madness and am hoping (knock on wood) that my Mizzou Tigers make a deep run.

But as I’m sure you know if you’re checking this site during the cold, bitter offseason, there’s just something about baseball. That being said, I want to talk a bit about some games that I am planning on trying to hit this year. Now, I’m going to be living back home in St. Joseph this summer, so I guarantee that I’ll be going to many more games than this throughout the year, but these are the ones I definitively want to hit.

1. Opening Day – Okay, I’ve never been to opening day. I could cite a few different reasons. I’ve generally had school to deal with and honestly, despite the excitement that comes with the beginning of each new season, I’ve never been pumped enough to spend money in these last few years to go see Bruce Chen, Luke Hochevar or someone similar serve court to start a season out. But this year, with Shields taking the mound, I believe that it might be enjoyable to see Kauffman filled up while watching the season begin.

2. Jersey Day – Jersey day is awesome.  I’ve gone the last 4 years and always enjoy it. I’m a sucker for free gear, though, so if that’s not something that appeals to you, I suppose you should skip. But the jerseys always look pretty sweet (in my opinion) and I feel like it makes more sense to pay 30 bucks to go see a game and get a free jersey than it does to throw down $80+ for a jersey and no game. It’s math.

3. Any Game Against The Cardinals – I love going to these games because nothing tastes as sweet as beating the Redbirds. They always travel well and enjoy trying to make a point of filling the stadium with more red than blue. Getting to experience and revel in a victory over St. Louis firsthand is a treat. Trust me.

I’m shooting for at least 15 games this season. It may be a lofty goal, but teachers get a summer break (sweet!) so I think it’s doable.

What are some games you’ve got marked down as “must-sees” this season?