Royal Resolutions for 2013


Tuesday we’ll flip the calendar to 2013 and be that much closer to pitchers and catchers reporting which means the season will begin. I’d like to state some resolutions for the New Year that will probably be broken at some point but isn’t that what we all do?

One of my resolutions is getting the nickname of “Sheriff Sal” for Salvador Perez to happen. Photo Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

1 Giving Jeff Francoeur a break – Am I wild about Frenchy being the everyday right fielder? Of course not, but I’m willing to back off and let him regain his 2011 form. Of course I’m a realist and will lower the bar that if he can just be serviceable putting 2012 in the rearview mirror I can be pretty forgiving.

2 Using the #HochevarMeltdownInning less – I say this half seriously because I know once he makes his first start I’ll be right back where the usage currently is. Look if they put on the Royal blue I want the player to succeed and Luke Hochevar isn’t any different but let’s face it he makes it difficult to do usually. I’ll call off the dogs early on hoping for the best but in the back of my mind I know I’ll break this out sooner than later.

3 Shields Up – James Shields has probably the toughest job on the team early on, a slow start and Royals fans’ will panic with thoughts of “we traded Wil Myers for this?” which will be hard for him to overcome in fans eyes. I say Shields up fans and full bore to him doing will no matter the length of time he’s in the uniform.

4 Helping get #A1 to the All-Star Game – I’ve decided that as Royals fans we can get our guy to the All-Star Game in Queens. Stating this goal early will hopefully lead us to voting early and often for the back-to-back AL Gold Glover. So if you’re ready fans lets start organizing and get Alex Gordon that spot in Queens!

5 Less is more with Ned – Fire Yost is a popular thing for us Royals fans, for now I think I’ll hold out and just hope that he takes the approach I will try to. Less complaining about him will lead to him doing fewer things that just seem to be puzzling.

6 Sheriff Sal – We’ve come up with creative hashtags for Royals players the last season and this is one I hope as a group we can get going. Salvador Perez controls the opponents running game and the name fits, so feel free to get the movement going.

These resolutions could go by the wayside early in the season but admit-it the gym membership you bought won’t seem as cool January 2nd as it did before Christmas.