Winter Meetings Mid-Day 3: Wild Four Team Rumors and Royals Pitching Search Continues


It’s the middle of day three of the Winter Meetings and so far the Royals haven’t made a move, but they’ve been far from complacent.

Over the past two days , they’ve been looking for pitching to help the rotation but reports of offers made haven’t popped up yet. They’re said to be in on a number of pitchers.

The R.A. Dickey talks seem to have stalled and the Mets are still working on an extension with him. Any potential trade with the Royals right now is looking pretty unlikely. The Mets have him under a good salary for 2013 and could always trade him later this offseason, during the year or get the extension worked out. They’re asking for a lot and it seems they may not move unless overwhelmed by an offer.

September 24, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers starting pitcher Derek Holland (45) pitches to the Oakland Athletics in the first inning at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

With the Jon Lester and James Shields rumors fizzling out at this point (hardly seen anything about them this week), the Royals are looking at other options. from Shaun Marcum (who Jon Heyman tied the Royals to) to Derek Holland of the Rangers (a name the Royals haven’t been connected with often yet until now). Holland may not be available unless the Rangers get another starter to fill his spot, so again, we’re all waiting on Zack Greinke to make a move. That also holds off Anibal Sanchez. I’ve read nothing about the Royals having interest in Kyle Lohse. Towards the end of the season and early into the offseason, they were suspected of looking at him, but that may not be the case anymore.

The really intriguing rumor popped up shortly before noon when Buster Olney mentioned that the Royals may be part of a deal that’s been discussed between the Indians and Diamondbacks and another team. There aren’t really any names being discussed beyond Asdrubal Cabrera, who the Diamondbacks seem to covet. The Rangers want Justin Upton, and he may be involved if the Rangers are in this mess as well. Some trade speculation on Twitter guessed at this being a way for the Royals to get Holland, or perhaps Trevor Bauer and Justin Masterson, or maybe even a Rays starter. At this stage there’s not a lot to go off of, so we’re all guessing. The Diamondbacks are more willing to trade Bauer than Tyler Skaggs, though, and the Royals supposedly had strong interest in Bauer in 2011 before he was selected ahead of Bubba Starling.

Much of this may just be setting groundwork for later deals. The Royals talked a lot during the 2010 Winter Meetings but didn’t end up moving Zack Greinke until the week after the meetings adjourned.