The Royals, Destiny and Powerball


Maybe you’ve heard about this story by now.

The nation worked itself into a frenzy this week in preparations for a record Powerball lottery jackpot. In the end, two people had winning tickets. One in Dearborn, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City, and one in Arizona.

Normal kind of lottery situation, right? Sure. There will be interviews and life-changing money involved. That’s all great. But more importantly, look at the winning numbers:

5, 23, 16, 22, 29 with 6 as the Powerball.

I wish I were the first to notice this, but, well, here…here’s NBC with the story:

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If you can’t see the video, or are at work, or just don’t want to watch it (I understand), here’s the significance:

All but Bo are Royals Hall of Famers, and Bo may make it some day. Also, as the video states, the tickets were bought just outside of Kansas City as well as in Arizona where, as you know, the Royals have their spring training facilities.


Perhaps, it’s a good omen. There has been much made of David Glass and his talk about money, so this sign, this message from the universe could be speaking to that. It may be foretelling that spending is on the horizon, that Glass may be able to spend as if he’s won the lottery. That would usher in a new era of success.

“You guys following this guy?” ‘I think he needs some rest. Maybe see someone who can help.’ “Yeah, he’s just pulling this stuff outta nowhere…” Photo Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

I can understand how you’d be skeptical, but check this out. Add all the numbers. 5 + 23 + 16 + 22 + 29 + 6 = 101. 101 converted to decimal is the number 5.  101 in binary would be like turning a switch on (1) then off (0) then back on (1). This mimics the Royals. On from the 1970s until winning the World Series in 1985. You could even say they were on until 1989, but after, there was an off period, one which we’re still suffering within.

Until now, because that third digit, that 1, turns it back on.

It’s a sign.

The Royals will be renewed this year. Even looking at the numbers again, you can see this year’s team reflected. While there’s no way to replace #5 (so we must omit it), #23 was also Zack Greinke who was traded, in part, for Jake Odorizzi who should spend much of 2012 in the big leagues. #16 is Billy Butler, the most consistent and productive hitter on the team. #22 is just like 2+2, which is 4, which is Alex Gordon‘s jersey number, another big part of the team. #29 is Dan Quisenberry and Mike Sweeney‘s number, both overlooked to an extent, but even more important, 2 x 9 is 18, but 1 x 8 is #8 Mike Moustakas. Also, adding 3+5 (or #35 for Eric Hosmer) will give you the number8. Then #6 is Lorenzo Cain but it’s also the number on the scorecard for the shortstop who we know as Alcides Escobar.

It all fits. It’s so obvious. The Kansas City/Arizona connection is the universe’s subtle hint to us all. The decoder ring, so to speak.

Or maybe it’s just a crazy coincidence and an interesting human interest story. At this point, though, I’m willing to accept any explanation that might point to the Royals being destined for something good. It’s just been so long since the organization has seen real success. The power of positive thinking has to count for something, right? Maybe I’m just better off trying to win the lottery myself and then buying the Royals myself.