Jeff Passan's report that the Royals are ..."/> Jeff Passan's report that the Royals are ..."/>

More Royals Trade Rumors With No End in Sight


The latest rumor that has everyone abuzz today is Jeff Passan’s report that the Royals are “shopping” outfielder Wil Myers to teams in their quest for a frontline starting pitcher.

Just waiting for the phone to ring. (Photo Credit: Minda Haas)

By now, these rumors and reports are becoming commonplace. When looking at the Royals options this offseason, a trade has been basically understood as one avenue to get starting pitching help into the organization. Free agency can only go so far, and despite proclamations to the contrary, the Royals can’t envision a world where their payroll surpasses $80 million, or at least where it does so by fighting over players with other teams.

They traded for Ervin Santana, but he’s not the frontline type that can anchor the rotation. He’s more speculative than anything, and could just as easily collapse or get hurt rather than return to the form that had landed him on All-Star teams and Cy Young Award ballots. Jeremy Guthrie re-signed and should be a nice supplement, but, again, isn’t built to be the lead dog.

The Royals won’t sign Zack Greinke. Anibal Sanchez‘s demands are probably beyond what the Royals can match. The only way to get a top-notch pitcher to come to Kansas City is to give him no real choice of his own (via trade).

So when Eric Hosmer, Billy Butler, Alex Gordon and Wil Myers get brought up in trade rumors these days, it’s nothing new. The only thing that seems like it may have changed is that reports have shifted from “these players are available” and “we’ll listen about these players” to hints of actual inquiries where the names are dropped. Passan mentioned that sources have the Royals on the horn talking with Arizona, Seattle and Oakland. Most rumors have them  in one form or another talking with Tampa Bay (or showing interest). Atlanta has popped up as a possible trade partner as well.

At this point, I’m ready to start thinking about the player Kansas City would get in return for one of their hitters. I’m going off of the assumption that the Royals have already decided they’re making a move and it’s just a matter of time. They way where there’s smoke there’s fire, and there’s been a lot of smoke:

The smoke alarm has been going off for two months now, so much so that by the time the Winter Meetings come around, nobody should be surprised to see the Royals swapping a player (or two or three) for a big-name starter. It’s not called Hot Stove season for nothing.