No Newsflash Here: KC Sports Are Generally Frustrating


I’m about to lose my mind.

The Royals were underwhelming throughout the 2012 season. After a heart-breaking losing streak early in the year that completely deflated the already laughable “Our Time” moniker, I suspected that these Royals were, in all likelihood, going to shoot far below the expectations that had been placed on them before the season started. Part of that was the unrealistic belief that many Royals fans had about the team and the “weak” division, but this team seems to struggle even meeting fans in the middle. They didn’t have the pitching from the get-go and were soon crippled by injury and sub-par performances by expected breakout stars.

There were bright spots. Sal Perez made his contract look like an absolute steal for the organization and the bullpen had another solid year overall, but aside from looking vaguely threatening as we approached the All-Star Break just before getting swept by the Tigers and spiraling once again, we were disappointing.

Fast-forward to football season and I was hearing the same pre-season hopes regarding the Chiefs. They were a team with a lot of young talent that seemed poised for a breakout year. They were in what was considered a weak division and looked like they had a great shot to win the A.F.C. West.

Then they remembered that they’re a Kansas City sports team. They are so bad they are making the headaches of the Royals’ season look desirable.

I hate whining sports fans, so I’m trying to avoid that, but good grief, what do I have to do to get a successful franchise to root for? The Royals are bad, the Chiefs are bad, Mizzou football is dashing my hopes of at least being passable in its S.E.C. debut. (Laughable mementos like THIS don’t help any.)

I’m not a soccer fan, so I don’t really feel qualified to rejoice in the success of the Sporting.

That leaves Mizzou basketball.* My one last hope at glory. I think if they struggle, I may go off the deep end. I don’t believe it’s too much to ask that one of my teams actually have a successful season.

*Cue Michael Engel arguing that I should be a Jayhawk fan……..Cringe.

I’m desperately clinging to the hope that the basketball Tigers can carry my sanity for this sports year and I’m adamantly hoping that Dayton Moore and David Glass deliver on these promises, half-promises, and/or somewhat retracted promises that they’re spouting.

I, like many people I’m sure, am sick of my teams being consistently bad. Something’s got to change and if there aren’t some fairly drastic things happening during the Royals offseason, it looks like we’re in for more of the same.