Another Royal-less Postseason


Playoff games have already been played and once again the Royals are on the outside looking in. As a Royals fan, you have to find something to focus on in the month of October. It’s a depressing fact, but it’s one you’ve gotten used to if  you’ve followed this team for any length of time.

The way I see it, you’ve got a decision to make:

1. Pick a team to root for as the playoffs begin – I’ve found myself here every postseason since I started following the Royals (and baseball) in general. Some of you might have other teams you’re able to root for. Maybe you have a National League franchise you kind of like or maybe you’re one of those people who tries to support the division winner as they enter the postseason.* As for me, I tend to just root for whoever plays against the Cardinals. Call me a hater if you want, it’s just how I do things.

*Personally, I can’t justify rooting for the Tigers, Twins, White Sox or Indians, but if you can, more power to you.

2. Focus on the offseason possibilities – It tends to begin before the season is even over for us but a Royal-less postseason means we get a head-start on dissecting the offseason maneuvers could make. Starting pitching is a blatant need for this teamand there’s already been article and discussions galore about what David Glass will or won’t do (despite what he’s said). Everyone has an opinion. All you have to do is bring up the name “Dan Haren” and you’ll have a discussion going, trust me.

3. Retreat inside yourself and wallow in misery – I’ve done this. There comes the occasional point where you feel like it doesn’t matter who your team could and might get. There is no hope for the Royals to ever be good. It’s time to lash out verbally at anyone who dares speak the name of the franchise.

“Hey, Man. I bet the Royals will be better next year.”


And that’s what I say to the people who are NICE about the team.

4. Fluctuate between the first three options – Let’s be honest. This is the probably where we’ll all be. Root for a team in the  playoffs all while keeping an ear to the ground. Couple this with the occasional heated outburst and/or physical altercation with an individual who says that the Royals need to “fix things” without actually being able to specify what needs to be fixed. Morons.

We all have to find something to do in the perpetually Royal-less month of October. It’s a time for discussion. Who will the Royals pursue in the offseason? Will 2013 be “Our Time?” Can we find the guy who green-lights the season mantras and punch HIM in HIS face-hole?

It’s a time for watching good baseball and imagining how awesome a playoff game at Kauffman could be. I want playoff baseball so bad. I know I’m not alone in that.