Kansas City Baseball Vault: Talking AL Central with Nick Schaefer of Southside Showdown


If the Royals aren’t going to be in a playoff race, the least we can do is talk about it with someone whose team is.

Nick Schaefer from FanSided’s Southside Showdown joined us to talk about the White Sox division lead and their struggles against the Royals this year. In 18 games, the White Sox only scored 52 runs, leading to a 12-6 head to head advantage for the Royals. Nick had his theories.

We also talked about some of the Royals needs this offseason and continued to guess at the solutions for pitching next season. Nick offered his insight on Jake Peavy and his concern that the White Sox will try to keep him. We brought up Jeremy Guthrie, Edwin Jackson and Brandon McCarthy as potential options.

We finished up with some discussion of the Royals successful months (yes, there were some), and if it means anything. To his credit, Nick assured us that it’ll all be better soon. We’ll see about that …

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