Royals-White Sox Series Preview Q&A with Southside Showdown’s Matt Adams


Tonight the Royals (66-80) host the division leading White Sox (79-66) for the final time during the 2012 season. Kansas City has played well against Chicago this season and will look to continue that theme at the K this week.

Salvador Perez has been a thorn in the side of Robin Ventura/Chicago White Sox all season long. Photo Credit: Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE

We took a couple minutes to catch-up with our friend Matt Adams, who is the editor at Southside Showdown.

Kings of Kauffman – Chicago returns to the K for a midweek series against the Royals, any concerns from the fan base?

Definitely, the fan base as a whole thinks that there is some sort of crazy mind control going on with the Royals and the White Sox can’t beat them.  In particular Bruce Chen seems to scare everybody quite a bit.  It’s not logical, and it may even play in the White Sox favor as numbers like that tend to even out over time.  My concern is that the Royals are fielding a team of talented 25 year-olds and at some point guys like that figure it out become serious competitors.  This type of thing doesn’t have to happen in the off-season and I’d hate to be on the losing end of that realization with so much on the line.

KOK – How big is this six-game road trip for the White Sox given their three game lead in the division and being 37-35 away from the Cell?

Having just put themselves 3 games up on the Tigers, it’s not as do or die as it might have been would they have allowed the gap to be just a single game.  As mentioned, the Royals have given the White Sox a tough time and it certainly gets no easier heading to Anaheim after that.  The good news is that if they can get through the trip not having lost any ground, there is a week of home games waiting and opportunity to clinch.

KOK – We asked last time about Robin Ventura, but why does it seem his moves against KC have backfired this season at times? 

Against Kansas City?  Robin has made a lot of moves that seem to have backfired against quite a few teams and there have been many questions thrown in his direction regarding in-game decisions.  Ventura has done a great job for the team morale, they like him, they like playing for him and guys seem to be playing to their ability.  Tactically, he has some odd approaches.  I think he manages heavily from his gut, and the outcomes when managers do that rely on pure chance.  On one end he comes out looking golden and on the other foolish. He’s definitely managed both outcomes.  I can say that with the extended rosters and an inconsistent back end of the rotation, get ready for some long games.  He’s not shy about emptying the ‘pen with regular pitching changes.

KOK – Should Chicago make the playoffs which potential playoff match-up benefits the White Sox best in your opinion?

Based on how the teams have played head to head things look best going against the Yankees, which seems like a strange thing to say, considering the names in their lineup.  The Yankees are a beat up team, though, and there is no guarantee that they’ll be healthy enough in October to look like the team they are supposed to be on paper.  The recent success against them and their health issues make me want that matchup.  The Rangers are the team that scares the crap out of me, though the Sox have fared well against them this season as well.

Here is the other half of the Q&A that was conducted between Kings of Kauffman and Southside Showdown.

Probable Starters this weekend –

Tuesday 7:10 pm, Gavin Floyd (9-10, 4.59) v. Luke Hochevar (8-13, 4.59)

Wednesday 7:10 pm, Chris Sale (17-6, 2.78) v. Luis Mendoza (7-9, 4.50)

Thursday 7:10 pm, TBS v. Bruce Chen (10-12, 5.42)