Breaking a Losing Streak


Things have been brighter recently, though a three-game winning streak doesn’t quite remove the bitter taste of a twelve-game losing streak.

Those dreary days were a purgatory that seemed as if they’d never end. In the midst of a streak like that, you begin to question not only your commitment as a fan, but your sanity as well.

Some people take to ranting and raving. I did that and we still didn’t win, so I had to try to find something else.

Everyone has their own method of breaking a streak or continuing one. Winning streaks are definitely more fun to be a part of. I’ve mentioned before that I’m particularly fond of the way a team begins to ignore a pitcher as he gets closer and closer to a no-hitter. Streak-breaking and streak-continuing also occurs in other sports as well. I really enjoy playoff-beards in hockey. I love a good beard myself, so I appreciate when guys who check people into the boards for a living grow out their beards in the hope of paving a furry highway to the Stanley Cup.

All that is well and good, but stopping an undesirable streak is a lot more annoying. You try to break up your routine. Wear a different pair of socks. Brush your teeth at 7:32 p.m. instead of 7:28.

In the darkness that was April 11th – April 24th, I began a “losing streak moustache.” I wasn’t going to shave my moustache until the Royal put together at least 2 wins in a row. It wasn’t the most original idea, but I had a job interview on Friday, so I figured it was dangerous enough giving the Royals a time-frame in which to win, but I was willing to go interview with an unkempt ‘stache. Luckily enough, the Royals won two in a row by Thursday night, so I was able to groom a bit before I went in to strut my stuff.

My flirtation with a scraggly upper lip got me to thinking about how fans try to help their teams win. One of my buddies has a bat signed by Amos Otis and he told me the other night that every time he’s held the bat at some point during a game this season, the Royals have won. That’s a pretty cool good-luck charm. Other attempts at streak-breakery include fasting. Some fans take a break from tweeting about their team; others take it one step further and completely refrain from even watching their team play for a night or even longer.

What do you do to break up a streak?

Better yet, what did you do to break up our streak?

I’m interested in changing things up next time in the event that starting to look like Tom Selleck comes at an inopportune time in my life.

Eh, let’s be honest, looking like Tom Selleck is never a bad thing.

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