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Let The Games Begin, Please


The Royals on Thursday announced their final 25 man roster decisions for the opening of the 2012 season. There are some curious decisions to be sure – what kind of Royals moves would it be if there weren’t any head scratching? – but really, aside from the unnecessary keeping of an infielder with only 18 extra-base hits over the last two years, nothing too egregious.

And I guess, that is where the analysis of these moves should stop.

As Royals fans, we’re all lucky. Not lucky that we get to cheer on a winning team mind you, but lucky that we’re all part of what has to be the most engaged and impassioned fan base throughout baseball. (As Michael Engel wrote about here)

And because of that we often argue with one another over moves and decisions that are made for a baseball team that only amounts to being a really bad one. Maybe this year will be different, maybe next year will be different, but all along the way we’ll have each other to read, discuss, debate, argue, and get mad at. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s productive, but most of the time, it’s just all of our angst to get the damn season started already. And to see some wins, for a change.

So when I originally sat down to write this piece I wanted to snipe at the fact that yes, indeed, Chris Getz is going to get lots of playing time (still accomplished that, actually) and 12 freaking pitchers are being carried without Louis Coleman being one of them. But I just don’t have it in me tonight.

The move to send Coleman to Triple-A, while still inducing eye-rolls and head shakes, isn’t really as frustrating as some of the things we as fans have had to deal with in the past. It’s simply a “meh” move stuck at the end of a series of “whatever” moves. It’s been a long offseason. (#yuni’d)

The thing is, now, even though there are still plenty of reasons to believe this “Mission” won’t really take place for another year, at least we’ll get a full season to watch Eric Hosmer swing, Alcides Escobar play short, Alex Gordon wear a uniform, Billy Butler not be clutch while getting on-base a ton, and Jeff Francoeur smile. And for this night, and maybe this night only, I’m okay with that.

I want to get worked up over Louis Coleman and Johnny Giavotella being sent down and having Bruce Chen‘s 86 mph fastball start opening day – cause let’s be honest, that’s kind of my place here – but frankly I just don’t care.

I’m ready for the season to start. I’m sure most of you are too.

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