Ken Griffey Jr.’s Swing Makes Me Cry


Sweet Mercy!

No, seriously, it does. There has never been a sweeter swing in my opinion. Recently I borrowed the 1985 world series box set from a friend of mine. While I was watching it I suddenly thought, “Man, George Brett’s batting stance is wack!*” That gave me the idea to write a post about batting stances and swings I either think are beautiful like Ken-Ken’s up above or really awkward and weird like…well you’ll just have to read below. Actually, this week I’m going to focus on 5 random swings I like and next week I’ll highlight 5 swings I think are goofy-looking.

*I often use really cool phrases like that inside my head….and out loud.

1. Ken Griffey Jr. – KGJ was an absolute joy to watch in his prime. He was awesome whether he was robbing home runs, mashing homers that were incapable of being robbed, or merely flashing that winning smile while patrolling the outfield. This was who I was cheering for in the home-run race of ’98.

And the swing….oh that swing. No hitch…No giddy-up…just poetry in motion. In the very distant future, when my son is looking for someone to model his swing after, I will find video of this man swinging and that is the model my son will follow.

A swing that will break your heart.

2. Kevin Youkilis – I know this may not be a popular pick for favorite swings but I love watching Youk at the dish. From how close he keeps his feet together to the weird way he rubs his hand up and down the barrel of the bat in anticipation of the pitch, Youkilis is just a really fun guy to watch hit. I hate the Red Sox, but I can’t help shouting “YOOOOUUUUUKKKK” when he gets to the plate.

3. Paul Konerko – Again, another team I hate, but a guy I can’t help but respect. This guy’s got a sweet stroke. Watch this video and try to disregard the home runs he hits off the Royals. He’s also a pretty good friend of Peyton Manning’s. Maybe he can convince his buddy to settle down and play at Arrowhead next season. I feel like he owes me for all the time he’s crushed the Royals’ pitching.

4. Chipper Jones – I’ve always liked the Braves. Not as much as Dayton Moore does, but I’d be hard-pressed to be as Brave-happy as he is. They’re probably my favorite N.L. team. I loved watching Glavine, Smoltz, and Maddux pitch in the nineties and I loved watching Chipper swing a bat. I still do. And I still believe that chicks dig the long ball.

5. Eric Hosmer – I know, I know. He hasn’t been in the big leagues long enough to really justify being grouped with these great players, but the brief time I got to spend watching him in the big leagues was long enough for me to fall in love with his approach at the plate. I’m really excited to get to watch him for a full year and see how he’s progressed.

Tune in next week for the approaches at the plate that I think are a little, well, odd. Also, feel free to let me know the swings you’re a fan of. I’m pretty confident there are plenty of fans of other swings and approaches out there.

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