FanSided 3.0


You probably notice something is different around Kings of Kauffman.

I’m really excited about what we’re calling FanSided 3.0 – a redesign of our Network’s blogs to bring more information to you in one shot. You’ll notice we have more headlines than before, condensed for easy browsing on the front page. We’re able to feature articles a bit differently while still allowing a steady stream of content to be available to you as readers.

And the really fun new feature is the Hub in the top right. There, we can share with you various links, quotes, Tweets, and videos that will spark your interest that happen to come from places other than Kings of Kauffman. It’s all right here if you’re looking for Royals information and commentary.

I hope you like the changes – for the most part, it’s not TOO drastic. If you see anything being “buggy” feel free to leave a comment and we can get the issue fixed.

Thanks for reading!